#Tax Filing/Planning Courses for Writers start Jan 10!

#Tax Filing/Planning Courses for Writers start Jan 10!
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The next class starts January 10! Only 8 spots left.

Every spring I run my tax tips class and I always have people saying “I wish I knew that earlier in the year.” (My qualifications)

Yes, January is that time of year when people start thinking about doing their taxes and most of us decide to put it off for another month or three. But if you scramble to file close to the deadline, you may miss important deductions you forgot, or didn’t realize you could take. You may also deduct something you shouldn’t.

So I’m starting the classes earlier this year, so you can start learning some new recordkeeping tips to also make filing taxes next time around a lot easier.

Now the holidays are over, you may have a little more time to concentrate on how to file your tax return and start some new bookkeeping habits that will help you save money on taxes and help you make better tax-planning decisions in future years.

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Four Course Options

  1. Regular Tax Course ONLY (January 10-20) = $20
  2. Regular Tax Course ONLY (Feb 18-28) = $20
  3. Should I Incorporate? (Feb 1-5) = $30
  4. BUNDLE of both classes $40.00 Save $10

Sign up and pay with PayPal on the Registration Page

You can also pick up a copy of my book Tax Tips for Authors, from my website or Amazon.


The Course Content

I run the courses on a Yahoo Group. You will get an invitation to join the relevant group after I receive your payment. You don’t have to be online when each lecture is posted. You can read at your leisure, then ask questions when you need to, or read other peoples’ questions.

The Regular Tax Course

Consists of 10 lectures, open Q&A throughout the course and for an additional week. You will have unlimited access to the course lectures, Q&A, plus the option of one private tax question answered off the group.

Writers, are you stymied by Schedule C and self-employment tax? Not sure you’re getting all the deductions you deserve, or uncertain precisely what the IRS allows? You just want to know how to fill in your forms and what you can and can’t deduct. I will answer those questions, as well as provide additional useful and necessary information for tax planning and recordkeeping.

As both a writer and a tax preparer, I offer expert knowledge that usually costs hundreds of dollars in tax prep fees.

Lecture topics include: Hobby vs. Business, Legal Issues, What Expenses are Deductible?, Schedule C Walkthrough, Self-employment Tax, Quarterly Estimated Tax, Deductions for Unpublished Authors

Should I Incorporate?

This one is new. Many people wonder if incorporating is the right move for their writing business. For some it will save taxes, but for others it may prove an unnecessary expense. Find out which business entity makes the most sense for your specific situation: sole proprietorship, S-Corp, or LLC.

Course Q and A

This is the biggest part of the class and what sets it apart from just reading a book. Past classes have had extensive Q&A on specific issues or individual concerns. I will research any question when I’m not familiar with the issue.

Once you pay the registration fee and log into the Yahoo Group, you can start posting questions. I will address every participant question either within a lecture or separately if it is not covered in a regular lecture topic. Participant questions help shape the course, so I can make sure to address your specific needs.


Sign up and pay with PayPal on the Registration Page


Email me if you have any questions: em@emlynley.com


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