A Deputy Joe Sneak Peek from James Buchanan (#bdsm, #gayromance)

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Welcome my very special guest today, Birthday Gal James Buchanan. This time she’s giving us a present. Read on to see what it is:

Hey folks, it’s MY BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday to me, I live in a tree, I look like a monkey, and I smell like one….oh yeah, doesn’t rhyme now. BWHAHAHAHHA.

No, I’m not telling you how old I am. But as my present to you, I thought I’d give you a little snip of Requiem in Leather: Deputy Joe Book 4, which I’m currently working on. It’s unedited, it’s not fully fleshed out, but I think y’all will find it HOT. And Totally Joe!



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Excerpt from James Buchanan’s Requiem in Leather: Deputy Joe Book 4 (unedited WIP)


Frank sat on the edge of the bed.  “Bones would have liked you to have them.”

“Are you sure?”

“Look, these things have been collecting dust in my closet for a while.  Here and there I’ve passed on some of Bones’ things that he’d have wanted people to have.  I gave most of his clothes to charity.  This stuff, well it’s not exactly what you put in the donation box at Out of the Closet.  And his leathers, well, they’re more personal, not something I’d want to just hand over to some poser who wants to prance around and look hot.  Bones loved Kabe.  Said the most horrible things about him, but if someone needed to go bail that twink ass out of a bar at three in the morning, Bones would be out the door before I hung up the phone.  Bones loved Kabe like he was his own.  And Kabe loves you.  Bones would have liked you…probably would have shown you the ropes.”


“The ropes?”


“From what Kabe’s told me, what I’ve seen of your personality…you walk in the room, you don’t even have to say anything, and all the subby boiz start to whimper.  You may not ever do clubs or events, but you are one of us.  Everything I really wanted to keep, I already have in my room. So anything you find in there that you want; take it.  Even if you don’t know what to do with it, but you like it…yours.”


Lots and lots of straps, some with studs or chains.  All that flash seemed gaudy, pretentious somehow.  “Kabe just wants me to not stand out, I think.” I muttered it kinda under my breath.  Don’t know, guess that was just me…big ol’ county mouse in the city.  I’da just left it be, were it me, but Kabe wanted it.  I don’t think there was nothing I wouldn’t give that boy if’n he asked.  Scared the daylights outa me every time I realized that.  If he’d said, ‘Joe, go jump of that there building and show me you love me.’ I’da likely done it.  “He’d like me to fit in. You know, with his whole tribe.”


“Joe, no matter where, no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll stand out.  It’s who you are not what’s cupping your package.”


I chewed on that bit for a while as I pawed through all the stuff.  Fred left me at it, sitting on the edge of the bed and watching without watching as I pulled things out and put ‘em back. Most felt like horse tack, thick and kinda raw leather.  Didn’t like those much. Picked a few things out that seemed things Kabe might appreciate, and that I sorta recognized off internet pictures: a harness thing that might serve on a mule, a leather jock strap…not too keen on those or wearing one that’d held some other guys dick… muscle man arm bands.


Mom said sometimes you gotta wear something just ‘cause it makes you smile and that sure did.  ‘Course she was talking about her ol’ pink coat not a black leather arm band near three inches wide with a big ol’ hook lock to keep it together…I don’t know why that one, of all of them amused me, made me smile.  But it did.  Still, I was getting kinda frustrated though, lotsa toys, but nothing I cared for much.


I just didn’t want to disappoint Kabe.


Then down in the bottom of that bag my fingers found something.  Figured I petted it for all of a minute before my brain registered that I wanted it.  Didn’t even know what that smooth fine grain grabbing at the ridges on my finger tips was.  Almost cool, drew out the warmth of my skin as I ran my hand over it.  Nice as any guy’s prick in how it just slid under my palm, warming up as I stroked it.  Finally, I pulled it out of the case, find out what I wanted so bad that it made me want to go find Kabe and bend him over before I even laid eyes on it.


Almost surprised myself there.  A pair of jeans.  Black leather jeans.  Not new shiny leather, but what had all the creases of time and wear etched into ‘em.  Balled ‘em into my hands and brought ‘em up to my face.  That smell.  Lord, nothing smelled quite like leather: heavy, musky, I could almost taste the quality of the hide on my tongue.


“You’d fill those out nice, Joe.”  Fred’s voice startled me.


Plumb forgot he sat there.  “I guess.”  A little embarrassed, I stammered it out.


He smiled, leaned in, and ran his finger down a seam.  A little wishful smile turned up his mouth.  I left him with it, didn’t want to mess with whatever memory the sight of an old, familiar pair of leather jeans brought up.  A moment or two later he blinked and the smile, now directed at me not inward, got bigger.  “That pair was one of Bones’ favorite.”


“Ah, sorry,” shaking out the creases my fists kinked in, I started to fold ‘em up, “I’ll put ‘em back.”  Gotta admit, I suffered a little disappointment.  They felt so nice. “They belonged to your…” I let the question hang, ‘cause I really didn’t know how people round here called themselves.  Guess it came from hiding so long.  I never figured I’d need to know such things.


Fred reached out, stopped my hands with the gentlest touch.  “Bones, my partner.”


“Yeah.”  I swallowed.


He pushed the wadded leather back toward me.  “Put ‘em on, Joe.  Put ‘em to good use. I’ll show you what some of this other shit is for.”  His grin faded into a mocking leer…not mean, just teasing.  “Get this old pervert’s heart revving and make Kabe cum in his shorts.” The panic that thought brought on must’ve writ itself across my face, ‘cause Fred laughed.  “Oh, come on, I haven’t taken my Viagra in months, you’re safe.”


‘Cept for Kabe and locker rooms, I really ain’t never gotten nekkid in front of other guys.  Don’t know why I did then.  Didn’t think on it much as I laid that inky black leather on the bed. Maybe, I just kinda took on Kabe’s feeling…you know, like this guy was one of my uncles or something…in a weird and strange way.  Wasn’t also no fancy stripping or nothing.  Just shucked my shirt and kicked off my boots.  Then I dropped my jeans.


As I reached for the jeans on the bed, Fred’s voice caught me.  “Shorts too.”


“What?”  I looked over.  There I was in my drawers and socks and this old man is telling me to get buck nekkid in his spare bedroom.


“Trust me.” That grin ain’t never left his face.  Just got wider and wider.  “They’re clean.”  Heck I didn’t even consider that when he said it. “I got them cleaned before I stored them.”  Since I just kept staring at him, Fred shook his head and added, “Look, you shouldn’t have anything between you and that.  Plus, they hang low on your hips.  They’re supposed to show things off.  Honestly, I’d say you should just wear chaps and a smile on Sunday, but I don’t think you’re quite ready for that.”


Fred had to be yanking me about wandering round with my junk hanging out.  I’d get arrested for indecent exposure doing that.  The pants, however, I could see what he meant.  If I slid ‘em on over my drawers there’d be an inch and a half of tighty-whiteys rolling over the top.  Felt the heat crawling up my neck as I slid out of my briefs.  Quick as I could I grabbed for the leathers.


“Wait.” Fred’s voice was quite and more commanding for it.  “Do you know how gorgeous you are, Joe?  Let me just look a minute.”  His fingers brushed my hip, pushed me round without any pressure so I was facing him.  I don’t know what I expected to see in his face, but it weren’t there.  I mean, it was like some of the ranchers I knew, how their eyes got all big and kinda misty when they saw a stallion racing cross the paddock.  And not like I was livestock or nothing, but someone seeing something they just think is poetry moving.  “Let me photograph you.”


“Pictures?”  Me?  I weren’t none of that.  Just, Joe Peterson.


“Yeah.  Look, I know you’re a cop.  If you give me a release, I’ll make sure no one can see your face…but really, you’re stunning.” Like he could sense just how cold that made my blood run, he reassured, “You don’t have to say yes right now.  I’ll show you some I did of Kabe a few years back.  You can look through them.  If there’s one you like, I’ll make you a copy.  And you know, the two of you, that would make a dramatic black and white print.”


It hit me.  I mean, I’m standing next to this guy, having a conversation about clothes and photographs and I’m buck ass bare.  Somehow, it just didn’t seem all that odd.  Maybe it was Fred and how he looked at me.  Not a creepy, pervert stare, but like he really looked at something he thought of as art.  “I’ll think on it.”  I actually would.  Then I grabbed the jeans.  Again the leather tickled my skin…even more so as I stepped into the legs and pulled them up my body.  I got hard, everything just rushing down right between my legs.  This time, I didn’t get all embarrassed.  I shivered as the grain of the leather licked my butt.  It took a bit of messing to tuck my stiff dick down my leg.  I cupped my package so I could zip it all in without zipping it into the teeth.  Then I yanked on the belt loops to sort of snug it all where the pants needed to sit.


“Just absolutely stunning.”  Fred’s voice had gone all soft.


I don’t know as I was worth that, but those jeans did look fine.  That leather just sucked up on my legs and ass…Bones and I must’ve been damn near the same size.  He might have been a smidge smaller, or maybe the leather tightened up from not being worn.  Still, in the door mirror, I saw this guy I didn’t half recognize.  Broad chest covered in blond-brown fur and freckles, with a thick neck and buzzed scalp.  My body tapered down to where my hips cut in just above the belt line of the leather.  The jeans rode low enough that you could almost see where my belly fell into my crotch.  I twisted a little just to feel the leather sliding against my skin.


A tap on my bicep made me turn away from my vanity.  Fred smiled and held out the arm band I liked so much.  “For you, Joe, if you’re only going to wear one, put it on the left arm.  What size boot do you wear?”


“‘Bout an eleven and a half.  Why?”


“You need proper boots with that look.  I’ll go get a pair out of my closet.”


“I don’t want to take anything you were keeping as special.”


“We buried Bones in those.  These are mine.  I wear an eleven but I’ve always done these with two pair of socks.  They should fit you.”


“I don’t want to take your boots either.”


“Joe, I haven’t worn these in ages.  My arthritic old knees and lug soles just don’t go to well together anymore.  You’re welcome to them.  It would make me happy to see them put to good use.  Just give me a sec and I’ll be right back.”


Fred disappeared down the hall.  I slid the arm band up and locked it down.  That pinch shot a spark down my spine like I ain’t never felt before.  Since there weren’t nobody there to watch me, I indulged my conceit – rubbing my hands down my thighs and around my own ass.  Like two caresses in one.  I’d feel my palms and then a fraction of a second later the leather would move along my skin.  If’n Kabe didn’t make it back soon, I might have to excuse myself to Fred’s can and beat off.  And darned if that boy’s voice didn’t answer my thoughts.  Heard him and the front door almost at the same time.  Couple of other voices bubbled along with his.  Guessed that were the friends he went to go get.


“Dale! Matt!”  Fred yelled.  “You two keep Kabe in the front room.  Cover his eyes.  Joe and I have a surprise.”  Before they answered, Fred slipped back into the spare bedroom, cradling a pair of big ol’ biker boots.  These were the rounded-toe shorty style, with lugs near an inch thick and steel toed…the metal on the outside of the boot not under the leather.  Fred held them out with one hand and used the other to close the door.  “Here, give the boys a pre Folsom thrill.”


As I took the boots, I sat down on the edge of the bed.  “People don’t dress like this, do they?”  I shoved my big ol’ feet into the boots; little tight, but they’d probably fit better with wearing.


“Most people?”  Fred chuckled.  “Most people don’t wear that much.”  Once I’d stomped down and stood, Fred opened the door.  “Still hiding his eyes?”  Fred called it out through the crack.  Two vaguely positive sounds answered him.  “Come on,” Pulling the door all the way open, he stepped through.  “Time for a runway walk.”


I almost lost the nerve then.  I mean, I didn’t really know Kabe’s friends from Adam – met them all of like twice and neither of those times went down so well.  What would they think of me all like this?  Fred didn’t let me dwell on it, grabbing my arm and pulling me along behind him. With those heavy boots on my feet, I clumped along.  For some reason the sound throbbed in my blood, made me stand a little straighter, pull my shoulders back.  We came round the corner to the front room.


Once again the boy’s took over Fred’s couch. Apparently none of them remembered how to actually sit in a chair. Kabe sat in one corner, looking ornery and put out.  Matt, sat on the arm of the sofa with Kabe pulled between his legs. His hands covered my boy’s eyes.  Dale had his combat-booted feet across Kabe’s lap.  Both of them went wide eyed when they saw me.


I mean, it had to be me, ‘cause Fred was all loafers and Hawaiian shirts and they ain’t never seen me like this.  By the looks on their faces they couldn’t quite draw a bead on things.  A little fear.  A lot of respect without even knowing why.  Strange what a bit of leather and a set of broad shoulders will accomplish.  Course, I usually got near the same reaction when I wore my uniform.  Always thought it was the uniform…now I realized, maybe, who filled it out mattered a skosh more.


“Christ on a fucking crutch.”  Dale sputtered it out.


“Matt, let go.”  Kabe tugged on the wrists of the guy covering his eyes. “Let me see.”


Matt held on.  “No.  Not gonna.”  He leaned in and in too loud of a whisper said, “We’re stealing him.”


“Bend me over,” Dale stretched like a cat: arms out above his head with his back all arched, “and fuck me raw.”


“Down, you rabid little emo.” Fred scolded.  With a scowl he added, “Matt, let Kabe go.”


Matt huffed, rolled his eyes and glared at Fred like the man had told him to piss in a light socket or something.  Throwing his hands up in the air, he slid off the arm and into the couch, managing to push Kabe onto the floor.  “You,” he stuck his tongue out in Fred’s general direction, “are no fun.”  Dale tried to rearrange his feet into Matt’s lap, and got slapped.  “At,” he paused for emphasis, “all.”


“Joe.”  My name outa Kabe’s mouth carried nine-hundred kinds of emotion.  The kind that made me go all weak inside.  Never taking his eyes off me, Kabe ease up from the floor.  Those few steps he had to take to reach me, well they were all predatory.  By the time he touched me, leaned against me, I already shook some.


I mean I ain’t never really touched him in front of other people.  Maybe a quick hug or slap on the ass when Nadia was around…but nothing like this.  Kabe melded into my body.  A raging hard dick pressed into my thigh and my own reared back up again, straining the leather and my nerves.  He fingered the lock on the arm band while his other hand explored the fit of my ass in those leather jeans.  Couldn’t stop myself, didn’t want to stop myself.  Reached round and wrapped my grip behind his head, then I pulled him into a desperate kiss.  My other hand slid down to cup his denim covered butt.  Lord, but he tasted fine, smelled better and felt like heaven.  So good, I lost myself in him.



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