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12 Courses, the sixth book in the Delectable Series is officially here!

12CoursesFS300I can’t believe it. Six books. Actually more than that, when you count the missing scenes and freebies along the way. Working on this series has been nothing short of a joy for me, a real dream-come-true to combine my passions into one project.

I love cooking. Not just cooking, but trying new things, but challenging myself in the kitchen. Except for a few cooking classes here and there, I’m mostly self-taught, through trial, error and a lot of Food TV episodes.

Though some of the recipes my characters make in Delectable books are elaborate, I’ve also shown how easy it is to make something incredible easily. In fact, most chefs will tell you that they have the most fun when they combine a few prime ingredients in a simple technique to quickly create something spectacular.

And that’s what Blake’s Lobster Grilled Cheese is all about. I didn’t include this recipe in the book, though the scene where Blake cooks for Thom is a turning point in their relationship. You’ll have to read it to see why!

Here’s Blake’s recipe.

Blake Warner’s Operatic Lobster Grilled Cheese

Servings: Serves 2


• 4 slices of thick sliced country white or sourdough bread
• 4-6 ounces chunked fresh lobster meat (depending on availability and budget!)*
• 2 thick slices aged Gruyere cheese**
• 2 thick slices Baby Swiss
• Unsalted butter (also called sweet butter)


  1. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat.
  2. Slather butter on two slices of bread, then place buttered sides down in the skillet. Lay down half the Gruyere, then lobster on each. Top with Baby Swiss.
  3. Butter the remaining slices of bread while the first two cook.
  4. When the bottom is beautifully golden brown and cheese has melted, press the remaining slices of bread (butter side UP) onto the melty Swiss cheese. Carefully flip each sandwich over with a spatula and continue to cook until the bottom is browned to your taste.
  5. Let it cool for a moment—if you can restrain yourself—then enjoy.
    Serve with a nice sparkling wine like Prosecco or Champagne if your budge allows.

*You can buy lobster meat at a fish market or some high-end grocery stores. If you can’t find it locally, substitute frozen lobster meat, also available at better grocery stores. If you decided to buy and steam your own whole lobster or claws, check with the fishmonger about how much you will need to yield 4-6 ounces of meat.

**Spring for the Aged Gruyere, which has a distinctive nutty flavor that’s very different from the unaged Gruyere. Ask for a taste of each at the cheese counter to compare and you’ll quickly see why Blake prefers Aged Gruyere hands down.

All About the Book

Thom Kennedy Leyton returns to San Francisco to take up the reins of Graze, one of the city’s best restaurants, years after he lost his job when his innovative new set of recipes was stolen. Thom’s loss of self-esteem eventually caused his boyfriend, Blake Warner, to end their relationship, sending Thom into a deep depression.
Now, cured of fifty excess pounds and any attraction to Blake, Thom’s back in town. Blake catches him off guard when he visits Graze several days in a row, and Thom lets himself get caught up in Blake’s allure, despite knowing better. Thom juggles a renewed relationship with Blake, a Christmas visit from his parents, and an important holiday menu based on a Twelve Days of Christmas theme.
When an old acquaintance reveals that Blake knows more about the theft of the recipes than he lets on, Thom doesn’t know whom to trust. But the truth isn’t quite that simple, and Thom won’t be able to decide if Blake deserves a place in his life until he learns exactly what happened years ago.

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My Main Inspiration

I love to cook. If you’ve met me, you probably also know I love to eat. I have food and cooking scenes in all of my books, so it was inevitable I would write a series featuring chefs and winemakers, and other men in the restaurant world.

For this sixth installment in the Delectable Series, I needed to come up with some familiar, yet completely different. Another story about another chef just wasn’t going to do it for me or for fans of the series.

I decided to set myself a challenge: a new chef trying to convince his bosses to take a big chance on a vegan Twelve Nights of Christmas menu. Not only is Thom Kennedy trying to earn his way back to the top, but he’s chosen an incredibly tricky and risky way of doing it.

Thom actually had it easy. I was the one struggling to create a menu as elaborate as Thom needed. Not being a chef myself, coming up with a dozen unique vegan dishes worthy of a holiday special event taxed my brain more than anything I’ve written. I probably spent more time creating the menu than writing the story.

I did not consult with any professional chefs, so my imaginary Twelve Courses may not even work in actuality. That’s why I haven’t included any recipes this time around, though I will be sharing Blake’s Lobster Grilled Cheese Menu on my blog for release day.


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