Between Friends by Sean Michael

Join Sean Michael, our final guest author here for Backlist Strikes Back, to find out how a chat with friends turned into not just one book, but a series with a cast of wonderful characters that keeps us all going back for more of the Hammer Club series!

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This book spawned four in the series, a number of short stories, and, saw the birth of the Hammer Club series.

The kicker? This book almost didn’t get written

I was pondering BDSM and friends with benefits and everlasting friends with benefits who then fall in love with partners because they can’t be all of what each other needs and would the two ‘outside’ partners also be friends. I had this scene in my head of the four of them sitting in the living room together and the subject of sex coming up.

Only one of the outside partners was this straight-laced, very non-kinky man and a cop to boot, while the other one was this BDSM Top… oh yeah, like that’s going to work.

Only it did.

After I’d written Between Friends, it turned out I had several prequels that also needed to be written. Then, while doing a short story staring Peter and Sammy — Testing Leather, available as a free read on my website
( — Marcus and Jim showed up. Just a bit part — they’re in maybe four or five paragraphs at the beginning, but that’s all they needed to set root in my brain and refuse to let go.

So while Between Friends might be the story of Harry and Jason and Peter and Sammy, it’s also the birth of two series, countless characters, and I will always be very fond of it.

Between Friends: Two very different couples. Two very different lives. Yet somehow they manage to keep things between friends.

Schoolteacher Jason and Harry the cop have a pretty good life together. Or at least they always have in the past. When Harry starts acting strangely, withdrawing from Jason and displaying bouts of mysterious anger, Jason starts to wonder if he’s losing his hold on what he and Harry share.

He turns to his friend Samuel, a college roommate, for a little moral support. Antique dealer Samuel has enough on his plate, buying a new house with his lover, Peter, and keeping up with their inventive love life.

Luckily for Jason, Samuel’s lover, Peter, is also a good friend of Harry’s. When Peter hears about the troubles between Harry and Jason, he forces Harry to confront his demons, and to give Jason the chance to help.

Can Harry and Jason come to terms with secrets that might change their lives forever? With Samuel and Peter’s help, they just might, as they find out what friends are for, and what it means to let someone help share the load.

Sean Michael creates a finely woven web of friendship, where two
couples and two sets of friends become family, and where the intricate
dance of everyday life comes alive in the most beautiful way.

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14 Responses to “Between Friends by Sean Michael”

  1. Kris says:

    Love this story – and all of its connecting tales as well!

  2. Christina says:

    Hmmm I haven’t yet read that story and now I’m really intrigued ^^

  3. Sarah says:

    I’ve read most of the Hammer stories but somehow never read this one – looks interesting though 🙂

  4. Leyanne says:

    I had no idea the Hammer series started here, i’ve always bypassed ths series in favour of reading everything Hammer.
    I’ll have to give it a whirl now!

  5. KatherineHalle says:

    Hmmm, I read Between Friends AGES ago and loved it. This is making me want to do a reread 😀

  6. TeresaW says:

    I have read all the Hammer series not realizing they started with these earlier books. Just read When Harry met Jason a few days ago and loved it! Will continue to read all of your books as I have found that I love them all! Thank you!

  7. Carolyn says:

    always wanted to read Jason and Harry”s story but never got to the point of buying the book. maybe, now i finally have my chance of reading the story.

    P.S. by the way, love Peter and Sammy’s story. absolutely beautifully written.

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