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Chunky or Creamy

by EM Lynley

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[Written from prompt words given by Torquere Press readers: Lagos,Peanut butter , Adam Lambert , Failure , Schnauzer , Redistribute , Sneeze , Hangnail Dishpan , Batmobile , Richie -- a 20-something with a penchant for role-playing.,  A blind date ,Nevertheless ,Chaste , essential , chicken, feather , air freshener


It was just past midnight in Batmobile, a dark and rather dingy bar that had seen better days. Most of its patrons had also seen better days. Batcave might have been a more appropriate name, though even that was optimistic.

When Richie, a 20-something with a penchant for role playing, sashayed in along with his best friend Ted, all heads turned.

They sat at the bar and Ted ordered draft beers for both of them. They turned toward the dance floor and scoped out the scene.

"Fuck! What the hell is this?" Richie spit a mouthful of beer back into the glass, slammed it down on the bar and waved the bartender over. "Tastes like something I smelled once in Lagos. And not in a bar. Gimme a Bud Light."

"Sure thing," the bartender said apologetically as he chewed at a hangnail on his index finger. He popped open a bottle and slid it over to Richie.

Richie took a swig. "This isn't much better, but at least it won't add any pounds." He glanced down his body, sheathed in the essential black leather pants and a tight white t-shirt which proclaimed "I heart Schnauzers."

"Hi there." An Adam Lambert wannabe sidled up to Richie at the bar, blinking dramatically, the better to show off his eyeliner application skills.

"Hi back." Richie grinned. He loved Adam Lambert. He also loved eyeliner. This guy was the hottest thing in the place. "Wanna dance?"


Ted gave Richie a thumbs-up as he watched them head for the dance floor. Poor Ted had recently gone through a bad break-up and in the wake of his relationship failure, he was keeping a low, chaste profile, just going along to keep Richie company.

Thankfully the DJ was more talented than the either the interior decorator or the bartender and Richie and Adam shimmied, shook their booties and slid up and down each other in a manner that would have Richie's mom back in Iowa wringing her dishpan hands and sobbing.

Until Adam let out a sneeze that reverberated around the whole bar.

"I think I may be allergic to Schnauzers," he said sniffling forlornly and blinking again, this time trying to hold back tears that would certainly smudge his perfectly placed liner.

"I can fix that," Richie said. He pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it in Ted's direction.

Whoops of approval echoed around the room and Adam went back to getting up close and personal with Richie's bare chest.

After a few more songs, Richie made his move. "Wanna get out of here?"

"Sure," Adam said and blinked coquettishly.

Richie's heart and cock gave a little flutter. If this guy could fuck even half as well as he could apply make up, Richie was in for a helluva night.

"We should probably go to your place